Annual General Meeting 14 January 2019

The following motions were passed at the Annual General Meeting on 12th January 2019 :

Membership Fees increased by £1 to £36
(plus £6 late penalty fee / joining fee)
Over 80 Membership Fees increased to £5
(plus £6 late penalty fee / joining fee)

Birdage for Channel Races increased by £1
(Fed Duplication Birdage also increased by £1 for Channel races)

18 birds per basket in Channel Races except Ypres

Prize Money halved for all races

Sections: Option 2 passed - Revert to previous Section allocation/Rule 13c prior to 2017 AGM

Race Programme:
Buckingham - Sat 1st June
Maidstone - Sat 15th June
Liege (Gold Cup) Friday 28th June
Ypres - Sat 6th July
Reims (Longest Race) - Sat 13th July
Roye - Friday 19th July
Buckingham - Sat 14th September