Ypres Race Incident 2014 16 September 2014

Upon discovery by the convoyers of a top back lid seal missing on one of the baskets at the liberation site at Ypres the President instructed the convoyers to record all ring details and re-rubber all the birds in this basket in the presence of Stefaan van Moerbeke - our contact and adviser at Ypres.
The basket was then re-sealed and paperwork was signed by the convoyers and Stefaan.
Details were forwarded to the secretary and an extensive investigation of the incident was carried out in the office – before and after liberation right up to completion of the race.
Paperwork showed that one bird was missing from the basket in question –
this bird was not timed in by the fancier. It also showed that another bird from the basket in question had been recorded as being in a neighbouring basket at the marking station so had obviously been put in the wrong basket.
After considering all the information the President decided that no further action required to be taken as it appeared to be a genuine clerical error at the marking station.
Subsequent individual written statements from officials and members of the marking station involved stated that at no time were the baskets left unattended with less than five marking station officials present.
This is an incident that we must all take heed of and be extra vigilant at the marking stations to ensure that all birds are recorded and placed in the correct basket and that all baskets are securely sealed.