2015 AGM 21 January 2015

Over 100 members attended the AGM on Saturday 10th January 2015 at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston.

Dr P Lynch resigned as President and J Bird also resigned as Senior Vice President - thanks and appreciation are extended to both for their hard work and commitment to the SNFC.

Officials and Committee members elected for this season are:

President: J McCord (Fife)
Senior Vice President: W J Smith (Solway)
Junior Vice President: T Davidson (East of Scotland)
A McKee (Midland)
M Lawson (Midlothian)
J Smith (Central)
J Baillie (East of Scotland)
R White (Solway)
G Firth (Solway)
E McLintock (Midlothian)
W Davidson (Aberdeen)
H Wallace (Ayrshire)
T Haggarty (Ayrshire)
S Donaldson (Fife)
A Garven (Midland)
C Walker (Lanarkshire)
D Elliot (Lanarkshire)
B Kinnear (Fife)

Annual Subscription Fees were increased to £35
(plus £6 for new members; plus £6 for late payment fee)

Inland only fees increased to £15 per race

Race Programme for 2015:

1. Inland Race - Billiericay Sat 6th June - Race Marking Thurs 4th June
2. Inland Race - Portsmouth Sat 20th June - Race Marking Thurs 18th June
3. Gold Cup Race- Alencon Frid 26th June - Race Marking Tues 23rd June
4. Longest Race - TBD- Approx. 600 mls into Central Scotland
5. Channel Race - Ypres Sat 4th July - Race Marking Thurs 2nd July
6. Channel Race - Clermont Frid 17th July - Race Marking Tues 14th July
7. Y/Bird Nat - Buckingham Sat 12th Sept - Race Marking Thurs 10th Sept

Birdage and Prize Money remain status quo

5% deduction from Pools was re-instated