Maidstone Race 14 July 2021

The investigation into the Maidstone liberation was finalised by the committee at their meeting on 7th July.
The malfunction on the release mechanism was not a mechanical failure but was caused by a basket from one marking location having an extra string attached that was hidden from view as it had embedded in the basket and caused the delay in mechanism operating. This was rectified within seconds with minimum delay to liberation and had absolutely no impact on the race.
After the liberation the convoyer reported that it took up to ten minutes for them to start clearing the site with some heading in a southerly direction.
On observing this other organisations did not liberate at Maidstone.
As convoyers were packing up to leave some birds returned to the site and were flying around having difficulty clearing.
Information gathered from other organisations who liberated across the UK and the Continent on 19th June all suffered horrific losses.
The conclusion reached by all was that losses were due to abnormal atmospheric conditions that were present on 19th June.
Race control team and convoyers reports attached.