Breeder/Buyer Competition 06 October 2021

SNFC received a query following the Guernsey race in connection with Breeder/Buyer Sale/Competition.

SNFC felt duty bound to investigate this matter and discovered several anomalies but were unable to verify information as proper detailed records were not available.

Although the concept of the sale was for the competition to be run in conjunction with an SNFC race the SNFC had no involvement in organising or running of the sales or competition but were merely custodians of the proceeds for the past two years.

We have received limited information and believe that information we have received is not sufficient to support some payments or to produce proper records for submission to auditors/accountants so it has therefore been agreed that full amount of £4735 should be returned to the organiser so he can take responsibility for distribution of payments.

Any further queries or objections should be made directly to the organiser.