Becoming a member

Registered members of the Scottish Homing Union are welcome to join the SNFC.

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Upcoming race

Upper Heyford YB Race - 10 September 2022
Race Marking 08 September 2022

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Lib Line

Phone Text details to 07542 801859 to record the arrival of your bird

Vaccination Certificates

Several members have requested vaccination certificates to be returned so all vaccination certificates will be returned with race result.

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info 30/06/2022

CPH Number

Please ensure you have the proper CPH number - 6 digit verification code is NOT your CPH number…..

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info 26/06/2022

Balance Sheet

Following query on Balance Sheet at AGM please find attached amended balance sheet and letter of explanation from Drummond Laurie accountants. The committee discussed this at their recent meeting and are happy that all is in order. Any further queries or objections should submitted to the secretary.

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