The late Hugh Higgins 27 February 2015

Ex SNFC President Hugh Higgins has sadly passed away.

Hugh was born in Armadale and was involved in the pigeon hobby from schoolboy years as his father and uncles were fanciers before him. He was a member of Corstorphine Club, which was a member club of Midlothian Federation and when the club disbanded he joined Sighthill Club which is a member club of the Pentland Federation.
Whilst he was an enthusiastic member, his real talent was as an administrator and when Percy Cameron resigned as President of the SNFC in 1984, Hugh was elected President and continued in office until January 1994. Supported by a very able committee, he worked tirelessly during his presidency to ensure the survival of the club when it was involved in litigation.
It is written in the SNFC Centenary Book ‘ on 29th January 1994, Hugh Higgins tendered his resignation as President. Hugh had completed some 15 years as a committee member, ten of which he served as President. He was heavily involved in the move to computerise the club’s affairs, nothing being too much bother for him. He tried as best he could to remain above all the petty arguments and he maintained an air of impartiality, which won him a great measure of respect.’
Hugh was pre-deceased by his wife Janette, who died in March 2014, following a long illness and is survived by daughter Dawn, who resides in Edinburgh.